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    Posted Friday, July 10, 2015 | By: Popzone Asia | Posted in  World , Economics | Read 1272

    Prudential’s new television commercial “The Fishermen” conveys the message of how the right knowledge and process, applied consistently and unwaveringly over time, will result in success.

    The boy and his grandfather fished. That was their life. They belonged more to the ocean than the land. But one season the fishing was lean. The other fisherman eventually gave up. The boy asked his grandfather why they kept going out to sea if there were no fish. The grandfather didn’t reply. He just kept doing what he always did – fishing. And when at last they pulled in their net, heavy with fish, it was the boy, not the grandfather, who felt the full weight of the catch. And that night by the fire, the boy looked up and marvelled not at the stars, but at the power of consistency – doing the right things right, day after day, month after month, no matter what the conditions. Because consistency is the only currency that matters.

    The commercial was filmed on location in Madagascar - click here to view the Making Of. It was created by advertising agency Lowe Cape Town and was directed by Kim Geldenhuys of 0307.
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