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Cha-Ching Season 3: Big Big Waste of Money
In the new music video of Cha-Ching Season 3 "Big Big Waste of Money", the band show how they waste money on unnecessary purchases. Check out what the band have done and see how to avoid from occasion >>Read Detail
Cha-Ching: Just in Case
Well we've got the money we earn, the money we save, the money we spend and the money we give, but what about those extras down the track? Make a plan call it "Just in Case". >>Read Detail
Cha-Ching: It's Got to be Earned
In this music video, Cha-Ching's rhythm guitarist, Zul, learns that "everyday brings more everyday things and they all cost money" and if he wants something (like a cool Radio-controlled car)... It's >>Read Detail
Prudential’s new television commercial “The Fishermen” conveys the message of how the right knowledge and process, applied consistently and unwaveringly over time, will result in success. >>Read Detail
She was Bullied to death R.I.P
Please No Hate On This Video. This Video Is To Bring A Message to all people thinking About suicide because of Bullying. And To Remember my sister Thank you. >>Read Detail