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  • This is why you shouldn't use your phone when crossing the road
    Posted Thursday, May 21, 2015 | By: Popzone Asia | Posted in  World , Social News | Read 1602

    A female pedestrian who was using her mobile phone while crossing the road at an intersection in Zhongshan, Guangdong province was killed after being hit by two large trucks.

    Surveillance footage shows that the victim had her eyes glued to her phone when an oncoming white truck rammed into her and sent her flying across the pavement. Immediately after, she was hit by a yellow truck approaching from the opposite direction.

    The woman, whose name is unknown, is from Guangxi province and was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Witnesses who saw the incident, said that "this accident was too fast and formidable".

    Also this is the case, as well as warning that using a cellphone while walking results in more injuries per mile than using it while driving. The issue became such a cause for concern in Chongqing last year that the city constructed the first-ever mobile-phone only sidewalk.
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