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  • Upper back exercises: Work your swimming muscles, Herbalife Workout
    Posted Wednesday, July 01, 2015 | By: Herbalife Workout | Posted in  Much More , Health / Beauty | Read 1435

    Work your upper body and improve your freestyle swim with this upper back workout! I'm Samantha Clayton, Director of Fitness at Herbalife and I'm here to help you enjoy an active, healthy life.

    Swimming is a great form of exercise for total body conditioning, and will give you a great upper back workout. If you can't get to a pool or tend to shy away from water, try this upper back workout. If you enjoy doing triathlons, you may also benefit from doing some out-of-the-water training with this upper back workout. My video will show you a few moves that you can add to your workout that are aimed at specifically strengthening your upper body swimming muscles.

    Just get warmed up, and watch my video to learn the following moves:
    -Pushups using medicine ball
    -Seated row using resistance band
    -Seated chest press with resistance band
    -One arm row with lateral lift on bench

    Whether you enjoy swimming or not, your preferred form of fitness can benefit with an upper back workout!
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